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The site of John Paul Adams (CSU Nothridge)
from this site - The Roman Army: a Bibliography
- Greek and Roman History (Links, Documents,Notes)
- Greek and Roman Literature
-Ancient Texts
- Latin Language Resources

- Art and Archaeology
- Materials for the Study of Ancient Sparta

Latin Language and Literature Resources (!)

Kentucky Classics Latin teaching page



NYU Latin Language and Literature Resources


Intermediate Latin Readings

On-Line Text Commentaries


On-Line Text Commentaries: Ovid, Pliny, Catullus, Cicero


The Perseus-Project [Roman and Greek texts and a thesaurus]

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid [Univ. of Notre Dame]


The Cicero Homepage


The Odyssey (multiple-choice game)

Trojan War Resources



Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum


Kentucky Classics Latin Teaching Page

E.L Easton Languages online 

The Classics Pages [Andrew Wilson]: life, literature, art and archaeology of the ancient world of Greece & Rome

Search Engine (Classics Pages)


Ancient Rome: Link-Collection

Ancient Roman Architecture

Mythweb: Gods and Heroes

Women's Life in Greece and Rome

List of the consuls from Sulla to Caesar


Ancient and Lost Civilizations: China, Egypt, Greece; India, Japan, Rome...

Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt

Quiz on Roman Emperors